Meet our newest Ambassador! Troy Wilson

Hi, I’m Troy Wilson, the wild guy with the wild hair sliding headfirst at 140km/h on a glorified food tray wearing nothing but a lycra suit and golf gloves! If you haven’t guessed it, I compete in the sliding sport of Skeleton, a sibling sport to that of Bobsleigh (Monobob up to 4-man) and luge (on your back and feet-first), with the difference that we slide solo and headfirst with our chins grazing the ice. I have been representing internationally since 2019, and I’m just coming off my best season yet!

In addition to being an athlete, I am also a practicing Kinesiologist, a small business owner, a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick, and looking to begin my Doctorate.  I have always been a bit of a renaissance man, with a wide array of interests and hobbies that keep me on my toes; from music, mathematics, and baking, my love of learning knows no bounds!


 Athletic Journey

Before I began my Skeleton journey, I was a multi-sport athlete competing in several sports throughout school and eventually starting track and field my first year of post-secondary at the University of New Brunswick. Following the end of my university sports eligibility, I was given a tryout at a Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton recruitment camp following the 2018 RBC Training Grounds in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I then decided to move to Calgary that same fall to risk it all on an opportunity of learning the sport and making the national development team; I was then selected to the team in the 2019-2020 season and haven’t looked back!


I attended the University of New Brunswick for both my Undergraduate degree in Science in Kinesiology, in which I obtained my honours via thesis, and my Master’s degree. My research area has been primarily on the organization of the human nervous system and how innate behaviors/functions may be produced from the interactions between the body’s various components. The research leans heavily on dynamic system theory and mathematical modeling of the nervous system. Without a doubt, the nervous system has proven to be a passion that I don’t foresee ever losing interest in. Now, I’m now seeking to continue to pursue this passion into a doctorate degree!

Two-sides of the same coin

In my professional life, being a Kinesiologist and a high-level athlete, I have a unique position being on both sides of the training equation. Not only do I have the practical experience through my years of being an athlete, but I also have the experience of a physical therapist and a coach! Without a doubt, it has allowed me to excel as I’m able to critically assess training methodologies, implement them accordingly, and keep my body functioning at a high level with manual therapies.

In addition, I am also able to provide for my teammates while on tour! Having a dedicated therapy team that can travel with us can be challenging; I have taken it upon myself to help my teammates when need be. From contusions, shoulder tapings, and IASTM, my toolbox has what we need while away. I know personally, without my skills, I would have had a much harder time competing, given the physical nature of our sport. From hitting walls to holding our heads off the ice in 5g turns, our bodies take a thrashing on a daily.

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