FMT Files – Out With The Old, In With The New

In this episode of the FMT files we’re keeping up with the Jones’ and talking all things new. You asked for cupping so we gave you cupping. You asked for flossing, so we gave you flossing. But, what the heck are they and how do they work? We realized that everyone...

FMT Files – Your New Favorite Series

Hey guys, Maestro here! Formally known as Shante Cofield, DPT- I am one of many on the RockTape Instructor Team. I wanted to take a moment to announce a new series that will be coming your way – The FMT FILES. Why a personal post from me? Well, because this is...
tight hips

Tight hips? My favorite warm-up exercises

My top warm-up exercises for tight hips   If you’re like me, you need to jump into the gym and get the work done. The problem is you can get stuck with tight...

Le Mohawk c’est quoi?

Le Mohawk c’est quoi? Voici un vidéo de Priscilla Belisle, Chiropraticienne et Ambassadeur Rocktape qui présente le Mohawk, un de nos outils de mobilisation des tissus mous assistée par instruments. Achetez votre Mohawk ICI Plus de Videos sur...
IASTM Rockblades

Les Rockblades c’est quoi?

Les Rockblades c’est quoi? Un super video de notre Ambassadrice Dr. Priscilla Belisle qui vous présente les Rockblades ,un outil de mobilisation des tissus mous assistée par instruments ainsi que une courte révision du contenu de notre formation Rockblades...