My top warm-up exercises for tight hips


If you’re like me, you need to jump into the gym and get the work done. The problem is you can get stuck with tight muscles affecting the work of your primary articulations (like tight hips or tight shoulders). So basically, to get the most out of your time, you need warm-up exercises that will include your mobility and your neuromuscular activation.

Exercises for tight hips

1- Hip 90/90 + pigeon pose

This is a basic dynamic hip mobility matrix. Make sure your knees and hips are creating a 90-degree angle to each articulation. Hit this one for 3min.

2- Sliders reverse lunges with overhead reach

This one is the game changer. The goal is to create enough stretch in your hip flexors so you can get back up using the lunging legs (focus on pushing on your heel and don’t cheat using the back leg). Add an extra spice, push the plate slightly on the side and to your back – you will feel your psoas +++. Hit 10 reps for each leg – 2min

3- Front foot elevated split squats with 2KB in the front rack position

This is only if you want to add more scapular work, keep your shoulder blades together and trunk upright. Go down in 3sec for 10reps/side.

4) Zombie/Monster walk with a slingshot:

If you don’t know this one, this will be your favorite. Make 3 steps/side and 3-5 tempo squats to 90 degrees. The goal here is to keep pushing your knees out and fight against the band. You will feel that pump in your med glutes.

You’re ready to go!

Looking for more mobility exercises? Rockballs mobility video HERE!

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By Karim El Hilmi, M.Sc., CSCS Owner of Rx Lab and RockTape Ambassador