follow your passion

Follow your Passion!

Follow your passion! Running makes me cry.  Exhaustion makes me cry.  Come to think of it, a lot of things make me cry…. I’m an emotional sort.  I’ve been known to sob mid-Crossfit workout and wail over Facebook videos of elephants reuniting or Johnson &...
Foot pain

Foot pain?

Foot pain, an issue that crops up! At some point in most people’s lives, Foot pain will be an issue that crops up. Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly what caused it, but other times it seems to just appear out of nowhere. There are as many treatments for pain in the...
ankle sprains

Ankle sprains in cutting sports

Ankle sprains in cutting sports I was inspired to write this post by something I overheard recently. I spent my weekend playing in a local frisbee tournament and saw my fair share of ankle rolls and ankle sprains. I overheard somebody giving the advice of wearing high...
my practice

Why I use Rocktape in my practice

Why I use Rocktape in my practice As an RMT in Ontario, in my practice, we are trained and licensed to assess and treat muscle and joint dysfunction and imbalances and pain. In my practice my clients come to me with many different ailments and conditions, they range...