Rocktape and Pregnancy, your BFF in the third trimester!

The third trimester of any pregnancy is often filled with excitement and preparation for the birth and the baby.  It is also a common time for a woman to feel the effects of her ever-growing baby on her body. Low back, hip and pelvic discomforts are often common complaints in the final stretch of pregnancy.

These discomforts, although temporary are due to the increased amount of hormonal changes creating laxity in the joints in preparation for birth and the increased weight of the growing baby adding pressure to ligaments, muscles and nerves in the woman’s core; these discomforts can sometimes be unbearable for the mother to be.  

Being uncomfortable during this time makes it hard to sleep, and move and be active, creating frustration and fatigue. RockTape provides a drug-free alternative way to alleviate these common pregnancy discomforts, in an easy and affordable way.

For most women, the opportunity to get a few days of relief from any pregnancy discomfort is a blessing. By applying just a few strategically placed strips of this often colorful tape to the abdomen and back, RockTape can instantly provide relief to the discomforts of a growing baby bump. Unlike a pregnancy belt,  RockTape is comfortable and allows you to move and sleep while still getting relief. The tape can be worn for days at a time and reapplied to your needs when necessary.

What does it do?

A simple belly belt and sling can be applied by your RockTape practitioner after treatment or partner at home.  This application will help to lift and support your bump, distribute the weight of the baby evenly, reduce pressure on nerves and ligaments, stimulate muscles for improved posture and improve circulation in restricted areas.

pregnancy trainingEvery active pregnant woman loves this RockTape application because they can instantly feel the support to their belly, making it easier to move their body in any direction with or without weights, all without pain.

If you are pregnant right now and reading this, imagine waking up from a restful sleep at 33 weeks pregnant and being able to rise out of bed comfortably without a sharp stabbing pain in your back, and picking your three year old daughter up out of her car seat without cringing in pain, and then being able to complete your CrossFit workout that morning without a single reminder that you have tape on your belly,that is what RockTape could do for you. Your RockTape is guaranteed to stay where it needs to be throughout your prenatal yoga session, run/walk in the park or if you hit up your local box for a CrossFit workout. RockTape has got you covered MAMA!


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Wendy Hinton, RMT, And RockTape Ambassador