training planes

Planes, Are you training them?

Are You Training Your Planes? Are you using all of your movement capacity? Human movement happens in three directions or planes. They are the frontal (also called coronal), sagittal and transverse planes. Knowing about these planes can make it easier to plan a...

Sportswoman of the Year Nominee

Maggie Steffens is approaching phenom status at age 25. She was the top scorer and MVP at the last two Olympics, leading the U.S. to a pair of gold medals, and now could be crowned the 2018 Sportswoman of the year. RockTape athlete, Maggie Steffens, has been nominated...
get moving

Try something new! Get moving in infinite ways!

Get moving in infinite ways! The human body is capable of moving in infinite ways. When we are children, we explore many of these movements and patterns, merely through playing and trying to figure out the environment around us. As we get older, however, we tend to...

Ultra-OCR Man, Evan Perperis, Goes Stronger Longer

Evan Perperis went from being a young child thinking he didn’t have any athletic ability to being an active duty member of the US Military who excels in extreme Obstacle Course Racing in his free time. It’s incredible what a confident mind and perseverance...