Get moving in infinite ways!

The human body is capable of moving in infinite ways. When we are children, we explore many of these movements and patterns, merely through playing and trying to figure out the environment around us. As we get older, however, we tend to reduce the movements that we do.

We may take up soccer, and become very proficient at kicking with one leg. Or maybe baseball is more interesting to us, so we get really good at catching with one arm, and throwing with the other; good at rotating one way when we swing, but rarely rotating the other way. Perhaps we work long hours at a desk or driving a car, becoming very accustomed to sitting for long periods of time. Our bodies will get very good at what we ask them to do the most often. Over time, if we no longer perform movements to ‘undo’ or balance the movements that we repeat over and over during our sport, hobby or job, we may eventually lose the ability to move in other ways. In some cases, this loss of movement can even lead to aches and discomfort*s. Fortunately, given some time and focus, we can gain those ‘lost’ movements back, and help balance ourselves out again.

Try something new!

So, what am I saying? Try something new. Next time you’re at practice, trying throwing with the other arm, swinging the other direction, or kicking with your opposite leg. At the office? Change the set-up of your desk, so the phone is on the other side, or change your desk height so you can stand for a while. If you want to expand your movement capacity even further (and I recommend you do!), then try getting down on the floor and moving around, just like when you were a child. Find out what you can do, what feels good… and learn what you can perhaps no longer do. If you spend some time every day trying something new (juggling, anybody?), you may gradually earn your movement back, and your body will thank you.

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Julia Mitchell, PT, Rocktape Instructor & Ambassador