Hey guys, Maestro here!

Formally known as Shante Cofield, DPT
I am one of many on the RockTape Instructor Team.

I wanted to take a moment to announce a new series that will be coming your way – The FMT FILES. Why a personal post from me? Well, because this is personal. I’m leading the charge to change how we share our educational content with you. Don’t worry, we’re not planning on spamming your inbox or anything like that.

If you’re reading this it means that you’re on our email list, which also means that you’re used to receiving emails from us aimed at alerting you to sales on tape, tools, and products, and giving you a heads up about course offerings. That’s all great, but we wanted to make sure that we’re using this platform to truly connect with you, listen to you, and inspire you with this email series.


That in mind, we’re going to be bringing you some more education-oriented emails, with things like:


Further expand your understanding of how to integrate our concepts within your treatment model.

Instructor Videos

Highlighting real-life ways that our instructors and medical professionals use our products to help their patients and clients (and many times, themselves).

Product Insights

Especially for new products, so that you learn more than just the cost, you learn how to rule the tool.

A Schedule of Upcoming Courses

Because we truly believe that it is our education that differentiates us from other companies. Yes, our products are outstanding, but our education is unparalleled. We’ love to have you in a course so that you can truly experience that we are so much more than just a tape company, we’re a movement family.

Podcast Episode Highlights

Yes, we have a podcast. Did you even know that?!? Our very own Master Instructor, Dr. John Campione, hosts the RockTape Podcast, and brings on guests from all backgrounds to nerd out about mobility, stability, healthcare today and the tools of the trade. Learn a little something while you’re stuck in traffic. Click here to listen to the latest episode with our medical director, Steve Capobianco, talking all things RockPods and RockFloss!

Your inbox is likely already filled with too many emails that you don’t want to read, and we get that. More is not better. Better is better. We’re going to use these educational posts to streamline how you receive and digest our content, and provide you with a better way to stay connected to the RockTape paradigm. We truly believe that we can change the way that healthcare is delivered. We believe that we can improve people’s quality of life, and that we can make a difference; but not without your help. So check your inbox and keep your eyes out for ‘FMT Files’ in the subject line. In the meantime, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s change the world.

Maestro out.


P.S – who doesn’t love a good meme??? 😂