Post-Surgical Management of Scars

Kinesiology tape is gaining traction in recent years as an effective alternative to traditional medical treatments associated with post-surgical rehabilitation. RockTape, a prominent form of kinesiology tape, is made of an elastic material that is thinner, lighter, and far more flexible than traditional athletic tape. It works by providing support to areas of the body that are affected by a surgery without restricting the patient’s range of motion.

Post-Surgical Scar Manipulation

Post-Surgical Scar Manipulation

The primary benefit of kinesiology tape is that it helps to reduce soreness, swelling and, inflammation in the affected area. The tape’s flexible composition allows for better blood circulation in the area where the tape is applied, which can help reduce swelling and soreness more quickly. Additionally, depending on the area of the body being treated, the tape can be cut and applied in the exact fashion to target a specific issue. This is especially beneficial for post-surgical recovery because it allows the patient to get the most out of the treatment. Kinesiology tape can also help significantly reduce pain in the area being treated, particularly for those who experience acute or chronic pain as a result of their surgery. By providing flexible support to the affected area and allowing for improved fluid flow, the tape can help reduce pain and start the process of improving scar pliability.

In addition to the physical benefits of kinesiology tape, there is a mental aspect as well. Many find the application of the tape to be comforting, allowing the patient to feel as if their pain is being addressed, even if only through a psychological response. This soothing and calming effect of the tape can help empower the patient to recover more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

Overall, kinesiology tape is becoming an increasingly more popular alternative to traditional medical treatments associated with post-surgical rehabilitation. From targeting pain and swelling in a specific area to providing a calming, reassuring response, the tape can help the patient return to their former self quicker, stronger, and safer.

By Steve Capobianco, Head of RockTape Education