Do your clients and patients love RockTape as much as you do? Keep your clients moving and take home a commission by reselling at your practice!

Retailing products in a healthcare practice provides convenience and peace of mind for your patients as well as a passive source of additional revenue for your practice. According to the Practice Analysis of Chiropractic, the average chiropractor only spends 64% of their time in direct patient care, with the rest being used to document care and manage the practice. As clients wait, they can pass the time perusing the tools you know and love. Providing patients and clients an option to purchase name brand, recognized, high quality products dovetail well with the self-care and exercise and activities that practitioners often encourage their patients to engage in outside of direct care.

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If you are using RockTape in your practice, selling the tape to patients for home care is easy to do. Retail the local college and high school color combinations as well as some conservative choices and some rolls of the wilder patterns with bright colors and patterns, too! Other products that make good sense for chiropractors to provide for patients include RockSauce Fire, a powerful topical that creates a sensation of heat, RockSauce Ice, which provides more of a cold sensation, and RockRub, which is an excellent product for hand care for athletes like bodybuilders and weightlifters as well as an excellent emollient for you to use if you perform soft tissue techniques, especially those that are instrument-assisted.

Mobility products for home stretching and mobilizing are very popular and they are easy to retail to patients as you transition them into more home-based adjunctive care. From a patient’s perspective, it’s helpful to be sent home with the same products (and instructions on how to use them) as the ones you were using in the office with them. Vibrating tools and GRID rollers are popular items for patients. By coupling RockBands with RockBalls you can give patients a whole spectrum of self myofascial release and mobility activities using the same resistance progression you had them doing in your office. As an added bonus, RockTape’s website is an excellent resource for you to point patients to because there is an extensive library of taping and mobility (bandsballs, and floss) videos available to support your recommendations for your patients.

Offering high-quality products to your patients that are the same ones you are using in your practice provides additional revenue for you as well as familiarity and comfort for patients. Compliance with home-based activities and recommendations is necessary for optimal outcomes and RockTape makes retailing easy with professionally-designed displays and cohesive marketing, branding and support.

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