by Jeff Kittmer

The demands of the working world are increasing at an exponential rate. We live with our phones as a constant companion and our free time seems to be dwindling. We work hard, which usually involves a large amount of time sitting at a desk, in the car, or on a plane. Admittingly, not getting to the gym as often as we’d like. When the weekend finally arrives, there is a hunger to get out and do our favourite activities. We work hard, then play hard to make the most of it. 

Have you ever experienced the thought of, ‘OH! I overdid it’ when you can barely get out of bed Monday morning? With your body protesting as you try to make your way to the shower, shoulders aching, and trying to convince your legs to move.  Sound familiar?

Here are some tips that you can do to help you stay upright and mobile when it is time to get back to the daily grind.

Let’s start from the ground up, at your feet.  People are always surprised at how much tension is stored in their feet.  Releasing that tension will have a huge impact on the way you stand and walk through life; for this I use the Infinity Ball. Its unique design allows you to work on multiple areas of your foot at the same time or on specific spots. Simply place your foot on the ball and rock your foot back and forth with a bit of pressure. If you have a specific spot you need to work on. Use one of the two balls to apply direct pressure on that sweet spot.

mobilizing the working warrior

Your ankles and calves are next on the list.  If you find that you are gingerly walking up and down your stairs, RockFloss will become your best friend. It is a great tool for increasing the mobility in your ankles and releasing the tension in your calves at the same time. 

To apply RockFloss, start at the halfway point on the top of your foot. Then wrap the band around your foot overlapping the previous wrap by half. As you overlap each wrap, make sure to stretch the RockFloss to 50% of its stretch. This will make it feel very tight and constricting around your foot, achilles, and calf. Once you reach the end of the band, tuck the end under the previous wrap. Next alternate between lowering into a squat, and then standing tall rising up on your toes for approximately one minute.

mobilizing the working warrior

Evolving from the bent over, grunting in discomfort, to the world of the upright. Requires an opening of the chest and mobilizing of the upper spine. Especially if your habitual position is sitting at a workstation for hours at a time. The Trigger Point Grid Foam roller will help you to get back into shape, while straightening your “bent out of shape”.

To start, lie on your foam roller, rolling back and forth from mid back to upper shoulders releasing the muscle tension.  Then position the roller so that your shoulder blades are resting on it. With your hands supporting your head, engage your core, allow your head to lower slightly, and relax your back. Hold this for several breaths before repositioning the roller to the tips of your shoulder blades and repeat. You may feel the spaces between your ribs opening up allowing you to take a deeper and easier breath.

mobilizing the working warrior

From participating in Tough Mudders to wakeboarding at the cottage. We live for the weekends, and pack as much activity into them as possible. I hope these tools will help you to speed up your recovery and get you back on track. Oh, and don’t forget to visit your friendly neighbourhood massage therapist for any nagging aches and pains left over. 


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