by Brad Norris M.Ed. – Clinical Educator

Although we have a “standard” taping strategy for knee pain, any specific taping option is always negotiable. The nuances that we apply to any specific tape application are driven by patient or athlete feedback and clinical experience.

Assess – Tape – Reassess

This model is a simple way to guide tape application. With a health history as a guiding template, implement a simple functional movement or balance task, assessing the quality of the movement pattern and pain / apprehension in pattern. Tape accordingly and reassess pattern to determine if pain and movement competency has been improved or altered.

Taping Application

1) Bend the knee at an angle that is comfortable

2) Apply an X decompression superior to the patella at 25% stretch to mechanically decompress the distal quad

quad tendron taping

3) Apply two strips with minimal tension from below the knee through the adductor chain and lateral knee

quad tendron taping

Reassess movement to re-evaluate pain response, motor control, range of motion …  and find that exercise “sweet spot” – pain free movement patterns that guide rehab and promote patient compliance.

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