Who is Black Ice Roundnet?

The Black Ice roundnet team consists of 2 athletes, me, Jordi Vigna, and Frede Crete.  Frede and I have been playing roundnet for about 3-5 years now and playing competitively for 3 of them. We both grew up playing many sports and loved learning new ones. We have a passion for being active, learning new games, and being surrounded by amazing people, which makes sense why we came across a random sport like roundnet!

Frede and I competed with a couple teammates before deciding to play together. I started playing with Sam Calisto and took 4th at 2017 nationals, competed with Tori Farlow to finish 3rd in 2018, and then won nationals with Becca Graham in 2019. Frede played with Sarah Gratton and Nancy Gougeon in the Canada series always finishing as one of the top woman’s players. She then competed with Nancy in the US series to finish 2nd at nationals. Frede and I decided to team up when Frede’s teammate, Becca, decided to focus her time on her business. We are very excited to start playing in tournaments and be able to train together more often than we have with previous teammates.

Meet Jordi !

I was born and raised near Sacramento, California and grew up playing soccer and around 7th grade, I realized how much I love all sports. I started playing softball, then moved to volleyball, and in high school, I was on the track, swim, volleyball, and basketball team. When I wasn’t playing sports, I was dirtbiking or boating with family and friends.

After graduating high school, I went to school at California Baptist University. While I was in college, I was still just as active. I played every intramural sport they had to offer and also worked for the recreation department. At the rec department I helped run intramural leagues and lead outdoor adventure trips like white water rafting or camping in Sedona National Park. Now I am spending my last year studying Business Management on CBU online in Canada. Here in Canada, I play roundnet league during the winter and travel to roundnet tournaments during the summer.Jordi Vigna - RockTape Roundnet AthleteConstantly playing sports means constant injuries. I would use RockTape to help me play through games and to assist me in getting back on the field at full strength. I’ve had problems with my shoulders after dislocating my left one over 5 years ago. When I reinjure or tweak them, RockTape helps keep them strong and last longer. With tournaments lasting from around 9 to 5, RockTape allows me to do what I love all day long.

Meet Frede !

Frede Crete - RockTape Roundnet Athlete

Frede grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where she too was just as active. Her main sports were rugby and football, in which she played for her college club teams as well! Just like me, when she wasn’t playing sports, she was doing many other active hobbies and loved outdooring.  She went snow-boarding with her family almost every weekend in the winter and wind surfed during the summer. She attended University of Montreal and got her degree in physical education, no surprise there! However, she went out of her field to work for Transbroue, as a beer sales rep and warehouse manager. Canadians love their beer!

What’s next ?

For the rest of the winter Frede and I will be training hard in Quebec. Starting in April we have several tournaments scheduled to help prepare us for US Nationals, Canadian Nationals and finally the World Championships this fall. We are also very excited to have RockTape as a member of our team this upcoming season! Stay tuned for our next blog post which will introduce you to the sport of RoundNet!

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