Taping for Chronic Equine Scars

by Margot Anderson

The ability to use RockTape to change the quality/appearance of chronic equine scars is intriguing and exciting! Throughout this blog I will show examples of effective scar taping and finally I will detail how to perform this taping application. My first Case Study for equine kinesiology scar taping was Boujie. As you can see, Boujie had a deep scar on his face, which at the time, was two years old.  After 5 days, it had all but disappeared.

Chronic equine scars - taping before and after

The following is another another example of scar taping done on the back of Boujie’s front leg.  I am not sure what happened to him, but in any event, the scar taping made a very visible difference after 5 days.

Chronic equine scars - taping before and after

Although I have several more examples, I would like to show you one more that really impressed my veterinarian.  So much so, that he invited me to a talk he was giving to farmers. My work with Rocktape has changed my vet’s mind about how equine kinesiology taping works. He now recommends me to all his clients.

Marigold had a scar, that was very recent. This is before, and then 5 days after scar taping.

Chronic equine scars - taping before and after

Roctape is Remarkable! Finally I will share with you how to perform this taping application. In order to do scar taping, cut 2 pieces of I tape. The size of I tape you cut will depend on the size of the scar.  Place the I tape over the scar in an X.  One piece of I tape over the other.  You may have to do a few of these, for instance, for Marigold’s scar above I used 3 X’s and for Boujie’s scar I used two.

What’s Next?

Are you interested?! If so, continue to follow me on a journey of a scar taping I am doing for Kitty.  Kitty ran into a barb wire fence and this massive scar is over two years old.  I think it will take three months to get rid of this scar, so keep watching for updates!

Chronic equine scars - taping before and after

Please read my next Blog, as I show you how by applying Rocktape, you can make huge strides to heal a Swayback horse.  This, is really exciting.

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