A home recovery guide for the NHL Senators

This year, we decided as a medical staff to provide for our players home recovery kits. We only have our athletes for 3 hours a day so much of the rest and recovery the athletes undergo will be away from their work environment. We decided to provide some tools to help them achieve some of their recovery goals in the comfort of their own home or in their hotel room on the road. We were excited to receive and implement some products from Rocktape. As you can see in the picture below, the athletes were provided RockFloss, Rock Sauce and Rocktape too to help them achieve some relief from the daily tissue stress they have to endure. In conjunction with some other soft tissue manipulation and stretching tools that were included, the recovery bags were very well received!

Help with their discomfort

As a medical staff, we are usually successful in dealing with most of the issues our athletes have before they leave for the day or after the game. But as anyone who works or plays hard for a living, sometimes these issues don’t manifest until the adrenaline subsides. Consequently, we wanted to make sure our athletes had some tools they could use to help with their discomfort until we’re able to see them again. Anytime we can stay out of the medicine cabinet for pain relief is a good day.

Rocksauce relief

The guys have reported using the rock sauce on sore muscles, especially at the end of the day and just before bed. Specifically, they have found relief applying Rocksauce to the low back and neck areas. Application over these 2 areas has helped some of our guys find the appropriate relief to sleep more soundly.

Flossing, Flossing

The floss has been used over the thighs, wrists, and ankles by our players. Most applications have been geared toward helping with the mobility of those structures but one application was very interesting. One of our athletes found some pain mitigation and some relief of “heavy legs” feeling by applying the floss to the thighs. After 10-15 bodyweight quarter squats for a couple of sets, he really enjoyed the perfusion effect after the floss was removed.

The guys have also used the Rocktape according to the instructions found in the box. They leave more of the technical applications to us but have been very successful in applying the tape for pain mitigation. They have used the pain mitigation applications over blocked shot and slashing sites.

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Dom Nicoletta R. Kin, C.A.T(c)
Head Athletic Therapist at Ottawa Senators Hockey Club & Rocktape ambassador