Flossing and swelling

I was recently fortunate enough to represent RockTape with my colleague Cynthia at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Congress in Montreal. We demonstrated RockTape product and provided information about RockTape educational courses to physiotherapists from across the country.

The tool that garnered the most interest and attention this year was without a doubt RockTape’s RockFloss. There are many uses for RockFloss, and this particular video shows a quick demonstration on how to use the floss when addressing swelling.

Comfort, safety and practicality

Comfort, safety and practicality are the guidelines when using floss – in other words, we’re not cutting off circulation or causing pain when applying compression or adding movement. We recommend keeping the floss on for two minutes, and you’ll see Cynthia doing an unloaded (sitting) ankle motion as well as a loaded (standing) ankle motion. (For demonstration purposes, I didn’t have her do a full minute in each position.) After two minutes the floss comes off, and you can continue with your treatment. As you can see in the video, we used the RockFloss on top of a RockTape application already on her ankle.

Feel free to get creative when you’re using tape and tools together, and share your ideas with us on social media! 

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Julia Mitchell, PT. Rocktape instructor and Rocktape Ambassador 

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