Julia Mitchell, PT

BA HKIN (Hons), MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist

Julia Mitchell is an experienced and dedicated physiotherapist with 15 years of working in private practice in Nova Scotia. Holding a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics (Honours) from St. Francis Xavier University, Julia is committed to helping individuals of all ages and genders achieve their movement and fitness goals. She currently works in private practice at a multidisciplinary clinic in Dartmouth (The Pelvic Health Clinic), and loves her role as the clinic orthopedic physiotherapist.

In addition to her physiotherapy career, Julia has been an instructor for RockTape since 2018, and is also the Medical Education Coordinator for RockTape Canada. Outside of her work with RockTape, she has presented internationally at a women’s health conference on the topic of returning to running postpartum. Along with a RockTape colleague, she has also developed a course for healthcare professionals focused on pregnancy and postpartum fitness. Julia owns a business called Mom on the Run Club, Inc., which creates and offers return to run courses for postpartum individuals, providing education and resources for supporting a successful return to running postpartum.

With extensive experience in running injury prevention and training plan development, she helps runners improve mobility, strength, and performance. Julia is passionate about helping individuals achieve their running goals safely, and also holds a V.02 coaching certification.

In her spare time, Julia loves to go hiking with her family, and explore the many different parks Nova Scotia has to offer.