RockTape, a leader in sports medicine products and education, is proud to announce RockTape AMP, a new turnkey retailing program for medical professionals. Designed for chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other movement professionals, RockTape’s AMP program offers additional discounts and margins while simultaneously providing training and tools to attract new patients.

AMP is comprised of a set of marketing tools that assist medical professionals in retailing RockTape kinesiology tape and RockSauce discomfort* relieving topicals; selling these products to patients and clients provides a robust new revenue stream. The physical products are coupled with increased online marketing exposure through RockTape’s locator tool, driving new customers to AMP-participating offices.

While increased revenue for medical professionals is the goal of AMP, it’s not the only exciting benefit. Professionals who participate in RockTape’s AMP program will also see more foot traffic and online exposure for their offices.

Patients looking to purchase RockTape products can discover AMP-participating offices via RockTape’s new online locator. Thousands of clients looking for RockTape products or desiring help with discomfort* or movement dysfunctions use RockTape’s locator every day on

“AMP is not just about selling products, it’s about driving our customers to the best retailers in the world, our loyal and knowledgeable medical professionals,” explains Stefano Scalia, Director of Marketing at RockTape. “Since RockTape only sells its products through specialized retailers, our Medical professionals play an important role in our retail strategy. Their knowledge and training provide a retail experience that no one else can duplicate.”

In addition to being listed, offices and clinics participating in the AMP program will feature a special badge on RockTape’s “Find a RockTape Doc” locator tool, and appear at the top of search results.

RockTape’s AMP program also includes a comprehensive Marketing Kit which includes materials and access to exclusive training, enabling medical professionals to easily communicate the benefits of RockTape’s kinesiology tape and RockSauce topical analgesics to their patients.

The AMP Marketing Kit includes printed brochures, product samples, office signage, and on-demand digital training. Within hours of receipt of the materials, medical professionals can begin generating more revenue for their offices.

“The potential profits to a medical pro is incredible,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of RockTape. “Offering RockTape and RockSauce can lead to thousands of dollars a year in additional revenue; clients already love RockTape products used in treatment rooms. Now they can take the same discomfort* and performance benefits of RockTape products home after a visit.”

RockTape’s AMP program is open to movement professionals including chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletic trainers. More information on AMP, including how to start, and a full explanation of benefits can be found at

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