Dr. McKee holds a BS in health and physical education and an MS in sports medicine from the University of Illinois. In addition a PhD was acquired in holistic nutrition.

She is an expert in Healing therapies for both humans and equine including myofascial release, accupressure, tuina, cranio-sacral and Thai massage.  Rebecca has been a clinician in equine healing arts and has dedicated her life to the education and training of students and athletes so that they may reach their greatest potential for participation in life.

She taught all levels including being a professor and coach at the collegiate and international levels. Becky owns Bodyspecialist and Equi-Balance working as a biomechanical bodyworker to create the best balance between horse and rider as possible.

An avid athlete who played basketball, fast pitch softball and field hockey in college, she continued to become a natural international bodybuilder and today works at staying in shape for life’s many twists and turns.