USA Diving is pleased to announce a long‐term agreement with RockTape, an industry leader in sports medicine products. With this new partnership, RockTape will serve as the official supplier of kinesiology tape for USA Diving.

RockTape aids in the recovery of fatigued muscles, supports and enhances muscular contraction, increases circulation and allows injuries to heal better. Divers are able to train better and longer without risk of overuse.

“Diving can be very demanding on the body. RockTape helps with training and recovery, and our new partnership will be a valuable asset for our athletes as they strive to perform at their best,” said Linda Paul, President and CEO of USA Diving.

USA Diving head athletic trainer Terry Robinson has been using RockTape with national team divers for several years.

“I use RockTape as an injury prevention and recovery method. It helps relieve discomfort*, increases circulation and supports the tissue while training or competing. Divers do not need to be thinking about an injury or muscular problem while diving, and RockTape helps alleviate discomfort* or restrictions that could impede their performance,” Robinson said.

“RockTape has found a fantastic partner with USA Diving,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of RockTape. “The unique demands of diving require a tape that can truly stand up to the rigors of the sport, and USA Diving found that in RockTape Kinesiology tape. We’re committed to keeping USA Diving’s athletes moving stronger, longer while they pursue Olympic gold in 2016!”

About RockTape: RockTape is a leader in sports medicine products and education. Located in Silicon Valley, RockTape helps athletes “go stronger, longer” with the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape, unique application methodologies, and joint support accessories.

About USA Diving: Featuring America’s best divers, USA Diving is the national governing body for the sport of diving. Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA Diving is a not‐for‐profit organization offering programs and opportunities for all levels of divers, from the novice to the world champion. USA Diving conducts regional and national events and is responsible for training and selecting teams that represent the United States at international events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup.