We all want to see growth in our professional and personal lives. When it comes to success in our industry, there is one of those age-old quotes that quickly comes to mind…

”Itʼs not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know…”

Ten years into my career as an athletic trainer, I can tell you firsthand that it’s the absolute truth. Nobody makes it in this game alone…it takes a tribe.

Whether your goal is to grow professionally, personally, or both, who you surround yourself with is a direct multiplier of whether or not those goals will actually come to fruition. Take stock of the people around you. Do they want to see you truly succeed? Or, simply do well—just not better than them?

For many of us in the industry, being surrounded by people content to do everything exactly the same as itʼs always been done, is the fast track to a career path that goes nowhere. Sorry to say, but itʼs the hard truth. The status quo can be a very comfortable place… familiar, non threatening, secure; for some, itʼs all they want.

Is that all you want? Exerting just enough effort to get by? The status quo?

Not me… I want more!

I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by people who push me to be the best possible version of myself. The kind of people who arenʼt afraid to forge into the path unknown. Why? Because thatʼs where growth happens—on the edge of your comfort zone!

So if you’re still reading… Iʼm assuming you want more from yourself, and your career as well.

So, the question becomes, how do you find your tribe? The people that bring out the best in you?

It can be hard sometimes, especially building new relationships and letting go of old ones. One way is to seek new people at CEU events, those who share a similar interest in learning new things is always a great place to start.

The manner of event, however, does make a difference. You could take continuing ed courses online, or attend a boring seminar…and you may leave with some new knowledge and acquaintances, but not the tribe we are after…

Enter RockStock… an educational event like no other. Thatʼs because its not a CEU event…. its an experience. A powerful experience is the way human beings create lasting relationships and friendships in an instant. Tribe.

Think about it. Who are you likely to have a stronger relationship with? Someone you met and sat through the same lecture in silence with… or, someone you had an intense workout with, cheered for each other, shared a meal, a drink, a dance? Those are the moments we remember, burned into our memory with powerful emotional ties and feelings of empowerment. A relationship with substance… Those are the people you can call on for that favor, or business advice, or to bounce new ideas off of.

Last year, was my first RockStock. I went as an attendee, even though I had just begun teaching for RockTape a few months prior. Those two days flew by, and by the time I was checking out of the hotel, the new people I had met… I was hugging, exchanging info, and setting up visits to their facilities, or for them to visit mine. People whom, having just first met, have spoken to on a weekly basis since… people who I consider esteemed colleagues, close friends, and my TRIBE…

THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD COME TO ROCKSTOCK!! Join our Tribe. Our inner circle of badass fitness, rehab, and healthcare providers who care enough to push this industry forward, and take as many along for the ride as possible… I mean think about it. Two days of presenters on the forefront of the industry. Two days of sunshine and beach workouts in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. Two days of new friendships. Two days of connecting with each other…and yourself. Two days to set the tone for the rest of your career.

Opportunities like this donʼt come around very often. It took me ten years to find my Tribe… My advice to you is to not wait that long. Come hang with me and the rest of the RockTape team this September 13-14 in Huntington Beach, California. You wonʼt regret it.

After all, itʼs not about what you know…itʼs about who you know… Weʼll get both of those covered at RockStock. See you there.

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Mike Stella is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and RockTape Functional Movement Techniques instructor. See more.