Meet RockTape instructor and supermom, Jen Dieter Hauser. Read up on how she balances being a full time mom, physical therapist, RockTape instructor, and 4 time CrossFit Games athlete. She is currently training, as she will be competing in Madison come August. We gave up trying to find something she can’t do!

Tell us about yourself and how you got started in CrossFit. 

I have a background in gymnastics through age 16 and was a diver in college. I’ve always been fairly athletic but had stopped doing anything competitive for years. My sister got me started in CrossFit.  She promised me that I’d love it because of the gymnastics background…she was right!  As an adult, the opportunities to play while upside down were pretty limited before CrossFit!! I remember during my 3rd workout, I was doing box jumps and burpees and decided I’d never quit CrossFit!  I had been doing CrossFit for just over a year when our gym, Crucible CrossFit, qualified a team to Regionals.  When I stepped out on the Regional floor, it was not only my first CrossFit competition, but my first competition of any kind in 19 years!!


Describe your CrossFit Games experiences, has it changed over the 4 years you’ve been?

Wow!  I feel like I could write a book on this one!  My experiences have definitely changed!  The first year I made it to the CrossFit Games it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I couldn’t believe that I made it, didn’t know what to expect, and just took it all in! The venue in Carson had a lot of grandeur to it, both in the stadium and the tennis course.  It was immense! I finished 6th overall and was ecstatic!   My second year, there was more expectation. I knew what to expect, I had a notion in my head of how I wanted to finish. I had an event win and a 5th place overall finish.  My 3rd year I had a goal…the podium.  It didn’t quite pan out!  I had an event win and was in first place overall for the first two days. But ultimately missed the podium. 5th place again. This year, I’m 44…in a 40-44 division.  I almost took the year off since I’m at the end of my age group.  But I’ve decided to compete and just have fun with it all. I’d still like a top 10 finish this year but my goal is just to finish out the week having given each event all that I have without worrying about placement. I just want to have fun!  Part of my decision to compete this year is in preparation for next year. My coach, Lance Scott gave me some great advice which was to ask myself if XYZ activity will help me for the 2019 season.  So, I’m trying to be smart, stay healthy, and look at this year as a training year for next year when I’m the young one in the 45-49 year old age group!


What motivates you to keep returning to The Games?

Returning to the Games is a challenge. I love challenges! It is badass. Each year that I’ve qualified, I achieve a goal.  That feels amazing.  I want to keep achieving, feeling those challenges and feel like a badass among a spectacular group of women for as long as I am able.  I feel like it also sets a great example to my three children, showing them that if you work hard, you can achieve your goals.



Take us through a typical day for you.   

5:10 a.m: Wake up
5:30 – 7ish: Train (I do Forging the Warrior programming)
7:30 a.m: Get kids out the door for school/carpool
8 – 8:30 a.m: Start workday

My workday varies greatly as I manage 11 clinics for Select Physical Therapy and see patients at one of our offices, which is located inside Crucible CrossFit. I occasionally have time to sneak in more training time during my lunch break. I usually work until 7 p.m. two days per week.  The other days I try to get done in time to make it to some of my kids sporting events.  Lily (Junior in HS) plays soccer and swims and is starting to CrossFit with me, Jacob (HS Freshman) plays football, basketball and lacrosse. Dylan (6th grade) plays basketball, football and soccer!  So we stay very busy!! Then the evenings fly by…dinner and then they dive into homework and I usually finish up my administrative/computer work for the day. The summer is a lot more relaxed in all respects and it’s well timed as I have a little more time to ramp up training for the Games!


Has being a physical therapist helped you stay healthy all of these years of competing?

Yes, I’d like to believe that being a PT has helped!  I like to think that I am able to hear my body as little things may arise and then self treat and seek out help from my coach with appropriate modifications or form/techniques issue and from colleagues for treatment!


What is your involvement with RockTape?

I started off as being a “Rockdoc” and using Rocktape kinesiology tape in the clinics with my patients and on myself. I then started using Rocktape accessories in CrossFit. I love the Assassin knee sleeves, RockWrist , RockGuard shin skins, Talons…all of it!!  Last year I started the instructor process with Rocktape and I just taught my first solo series this week! (It’s actually today as I sit in Michigan ready for day 2!)  I am very excited to be part of their education team!


How does RockTape help you meet your CrossFit goals?

Rocktape started off by helping me as a company by sponsoring me with gear early on as I mentioned, I love their knee sleeves, for example!  Since I have taken the Rocktape continuing education classes, the principles and effects I’ve learned have helped me get through some of the tweaks, sprains and strains that are bound to come with training for any sport! I also love the performance chains that we teach at Rocktape.  Getting that extra edge personally and for my patients has been amazing!


What is your favorite RockTape product/pattern?

That’s a tough call!  As a PT, I use the RockBlades daily on my patients. The Mohawk is my favorite!  I tape my patients regularly and have the most success with the helical techniques. As an athlete, the Assassins knee sleeves are my favorite.  I just got the new Tropic pattern and love them!!  Everyone loves the splash of color!!


What are your future fitness goals? Will we be seeing you back in Madison in 2019?

Yes!  I’ll be 45 years old in the 45-49 year old age group. I’m definitely looking forward to the new age group…these 40-44 year old women are tough!  Not that it’ll be easy next year but I’m looking forward to the change. CrossFit and aging up in the masters division defining makes getting older feel a lot better!!

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