My name is Jenn. I’m 36, have three children under ten and work as an RN. I have Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome (EDS) and have had a lifetime of discomfort* and disability as a result. I discovered kinesiology taping around a year ago when I sought treatment for cervical spine instability. A physical therapist taped me, but at the time I couldn’t tolerate any tape whatsoever; therefore, I shelved the idea of using it longterm.

Roll on to this year and I am now completing a long term PT protocol specifically designed for people with EDS, and the PT who designed the program recommended RockTape. He also showed me some hacks to make my skin tolerate the adhesive better and remove it more safely (extremely sensitive fragile skin is a feature of this condition). He’s based in RI and I live in CT, so I had to find a local PT to work with and found a wonderful lady called Kathy Andres based at Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Services in Meriden. She also uses RockTape, and recommends it clients with chronic issues.


I have such a mixed relationship with taping as it produces great results for me – yet feels so clinical and is a visual reminder of the disability I live with. My initial instinct was to use the beige tape as it is most like my skin color, but it feels like being covered in band aids! I was grateful to see that you have various designs and have included a photo of my latest supplies in use. My children are all showing signs of EDS also, and my middle daughter was VERY happy to see that you have a skulls design in case she ever needs to use tape. I apologize for the extremely long message, but… thank you for creating a product that makes my life more bearable.


– Jenn