“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

“Never quit.”

“One more rep!”

We’ve heard all this before. Coaches, trainers, sports therapists and exercise specialists are never shy about dropping truth bombs and motivational words of wisdom at the gym. But what aren’t they saying? RockDoc and functional fitness coach Paul Herberger breaks it down for us. Here’s ten awkward moments every sports trainer would understand. Obviously, one of these will shock you.


1.  Crying Adults 

Every once in a while, a client starts crying. Sometimes emotionally overwhelmed, but there are also times when frustration results in tears.

2.  Crying Youth 

Youth athletes sometimes feel insecure or frustrated by the challenge at hand. This sometimes results in a melt-down.

3. Throwing up 

Usually a teenager or overconfident college kid. Lack of experience or the poor meal timing will send these clients running for the nearest bathroom or trashcan. Typically, a session ender.

4.  Low blood sugar crash

Can also be a session ender; low blood sugar can easily drop a client to the floor. Time to add sugar, kick your feet up, and practice laying down (& stop wearing bad sleeves…).

5.  Farting by accident, mid-rep 

While male clients seem to be unphased by this, the female client population seem to find this a bit more troubling.

6. Getting breathed on (repeatedly) while spotting 

One of my least favorite occurrences.  Often will try to negotiate a more favorable position (away from the exhaust) but without leaving the client hangin’.

7.  Client trips and falls down 

Usually someone on the treadmill, but much more concerning when your client takes a spill. Sometimes unavoidable, but always encourage them to shake it off like it’s “no big deal”

8.  Wiping a puddle of sweat from equipment with client 

There is always that one client who really sweats…  One of my dear clients says…. “I don’t sweat, I rain.” It’s all about playing it cool when sopping up the puddles.

9. Bad breath

Whether it’s mine or yours, it’s always awkward. How long can you hold your breath?!?

10. Forgot sports bra at home

I think we can skip the jump rope today!