To tell chiropractors that they should floss, on first inspection, might seem as self-evident as telling them to get adjusted. Most of them are heavily into the game of self-preservation and prefer to practice what they preach. However, you may not be asking your patients to floss. I know I certainly am not doing so in my practice—I am flossing for them.

Roots in CrossFit

Approximately five years ago, in the surge of CrossFit’s exponential growth of popularity, a new form of self-care appeared on the health care landscape. Gyms around the world saw a rise in people partially wrapping their limbs with tight rubber compression bands, calling it “flossing.” Enthusiasts attributed this new tool to a famous physical therapist. What started in a small corner of the fitness realm has since gained wide popularity among self-hackers, clinicians and fitness gurus worldwide. In fact, a quick search on YouTube reveals nearly 10,000 videos about the topic. Read the entire article on the Chiropractic Economics website.