In order to pursue her career in professional boxing, Casey Morton recently made the move from her native Oahu, Hawaii to San Francisco, California. Often earning Fight of the Night and Fighter of the Night awards in her bouts, this boxing beauty is notorious for her crowd pleasing fighting style. Signature chants of her name during bouts complement her landing many spots in the sports section of the local newspaper before going pro in 2014. In 2017, she joined Team RockTape.

When & how were you introduced to boxing?

Eleven years ago I was in dire need of a positive outlet. I walked into a combat gym and fell in love with boxing. I instantaneously developed an obsession with becoming a pro & world champion.


Describe the transition from amateur fighting to professional fighting.

As an amateur, my goal was to make pro. I used my time as an amateur boxer to develop for the pros and to build a team.


What does a typical day of training look like for you?

I have four quarters, 2 hours per quarter, of training Monday – Friday. Saturday training is usually 1-2 hours.

How does RockTape help you prepare for fights?

Always having RockTape on hand is a must. I never leave home without it. It gives me peace of mind knowing that all my limbs and tendons are protected and strong. It instantly relieves any injury or discomfort* from training. It even removes bruises! Magic!


What’s your favorite RockTape product?

Extra Sticky H2O baby!


What keeps you motivated to continue chasing your dream of being crowned a World Champion?

Achieving internal freedom. My journey towards this dream is an internal healing process. Winning a world championship belt is a milestone for a much deeper purpose. My obsessive desire to persevere drives me every moment of my life.


You recently finished training for a huge fight in Suzhou, China. How was training different for this fight?


I recently transitioned to another coach 6 weeks before the fight. I could not have imagined a better fit. I loved the adjustments he made to my game.

Strength and conditioning along with roadwork and track remained the same. I have prepared my body for this chapter since I began boxing.


How do you usually recover after these big fights?

After fights I rest and recover for about a week depending on my body. I have a chiropractor I see frequently for taping and adjustments. I spend a lot of time assisting my teammates and kids in the gym until it is time to dive back into my grind.


What are your 2018 goals?

To be crowned a World Champion. ❤️

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Between strenuous training sessions you can find Casey supporting youth outreach organizations, participating as a motivational speaker to groups and organizations, or coaching.