The Boardwalk Bombshells are the league’s strongest and most competitive roller derby team

Right in our backyard lives a full contact amateur roller derby league otherwise known as the Santa Cruz Derby Girls. The top dogs of this four-team league are the Boardwalk Bombshells. They started off their season ranked 23/323 internationally. They quickly jumped to the 19 spot after a successful season of 6-2, where they defeated teams from all over the world. They were able to win and increase their ranking by having three hour practices three times a week, and conditioning with running, weightlifting, and yoga on the side. Their training focuses on skating skills, strength, endurance, strategy, and scrimmaging.

Happy with their improvements, team co-captain, Regan Eymann, shared, “The team chemistry and dedication to each other has come together. Everything is clicking and working in a way we have never seen before. We are strong, focused, and committed to our plays. The communication and calm intensity is on point.”

After their successful season, the Bombshells were invited to compete in the WFTDA playoffs, hosted in Dallas, Texas at the end of September. There they battled back and forth, just coming up short in their two games. Although it wasn’t the outcome they had planned for all season, they are still determined to keep improving in the seasons to come.

RockTape is rooting for you, Santa Cruz Derby Girls!