RockStock was by far the greatest party we’ve ever hosted. The fifth annual RockTape Movement Summit was held at the prestigious Hyatt Resort in Huntington Beach, and featured a gaggle of some of our greatest minds in the biz, two celebrity trainers kicking our butts two days in a row on the beach and catered meals and full bars under twinkle lights.

Don’t just take it from us; here’s what our guests had to say:


“Rockstock 2017 was an exciting, collaborative. experiential, and most importantly practical meeting of minds. The course was well organized. The venue was perfect. The atmosphere fostered learning. It was evident that the presenters practice what they preach and are passionate to advance the movement of quality care.”

– Roger Mignosa, DO. Osteopathic Center San Diego




“First off, I’ve never had so much fun getting CEUs! Even if CEUs weren’t given I would definitely attend again (CEUs are bonus). From my perspective, it was well organized and a good balance of lecture vs actual movement/breakout sessions. I think the breakout sessions were needed rather than just all big room lectures. Even though it might have been tough on the presenters to go over it 3x in a row…. they did not show any signs of exhaustion from over talking/giving. They were all top notch! I also feel the content that was given can be applied and used in almost any medical practice modality whether an acupuncturist like myself or DO. Like I said at before, I would definitely attend again…where do I sign up!! 

Last but not least, the food was epic!!

Peace, love, movement for all.”

– Heather Miller, L.Ac.. Pacific Jade Acupuncture, Sports & Orthopedic Acupuncture




“What made RockStock so different than so many other learning seminars?  Community, friendship and fun! This past weekend, RockTape had their 5th Annual RockTape Summit. Amusingly, it was themed; “RockStock,” as Peace, Love & Movement was the overarching theme, breathing to prepare, perform and recover were the concepts to achieve best practices in patient care.

Seamlessly, three, one-hour lectures followed by learning labs regarding the physiology, functionality and programming of respiration and breathing methods were delivered via popular entertaining lectors. Each lecture provided current research, evidence and practicality of core concepts of breathing used in today’s patient care. Additionally, specific discourses to incorporate patient “buy-in” were introduced to better understand how to speak and relate with your patient for better outcomes of newer techniques regarding breathing. Lastly, movement concepts to incorporate breathing position, posture, and form to integrate into daily adult living. 

Although the education platform was professional and filled with experienced educators and informative content, it was the community and new friendships produced that will be remembered! RockStock and RockTape have a way with bringing like-minded people together to have fun and learn! The vibe was outstanding and non-comparable to many of the seminars that I have been to. This will be the most memorable seminar to date! Above all; friends, community and love prevail to create meaning and understanding in life, and RockStock did exactly that for me!”

– Ethan M. Kreiswirth, PhD, ATC. RockTape Education