We asked our Instagram followers to share their stories with us. Here’s what they said:

  • mini_me: I strained a muscle in my ankle doing doubles right before my first CrossFit competition. The first thing we did before my event was get taped up and rolled it out. The @rocktape foam roller is my favorite. Use it every day.


  • sharxgrrl: I’m a walker and in the beginning, was told I couldn’t do marathons. I’m now up to around 50 endurance events. But one that meant so much to me was Nike Women’s Half Marathon-I’ve done it 5 times. My goal was to finish in under four hours. I kept getting close but never there-missing by as little as a minute. The last time I did it, I was having huge issues with my calves. They cramped and hurt and kept me from getting any speed. Someone told me about #rocktape and I looked up how to tape calves. I went out and did the race rocking tiger stripe tape. When I got back to the bus, I pulled up the official results expecting another 4 hour plus result. My husband looked at me when I started crying and I pointed to the results – 3:59:40. I didn’t care what it was, I wanted that first digit as a 3! I know Rock Tape helped me get there, there is no way I would have hit that goal with my calves like that. I’ve been a Rock Tape enthusiast ever since and will be wearing the tattoo print this weekend as I do the Star Wars Light Side 5k, 10k, and half marathon!


  • casualsmoke: When I drum, my form, endurance, technique, and heaviness is supplemented by RockTape! Even with a labrum tear, it keeps me lined up, and able to hit hard, every session.


  • elyse413: I’m a massage therapist at a chiropractor office… I went into work one day with bad forearm discomfort* and no grip strength, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get through my day and I was fully booked. I let one doctor who had recently taken RockTape class adj my arm and tape me and it was amazing! I finished my day discomfort* free and at the next opportunity took the class to become a RockDoc and I use it on just about all my clients and myself regularly! I love it!


  • thatsjustgraper: I have been using RockTape since the beginning. I am your biggest fan. I have taped high school athletes and their parents. I have taped horses and dogs. I have taped grandmas and grandpas. Honestly, there isn’t a day that goes by when one part of me or my family isn’t taped. RockTape is holding my world and those around me together. ❤


  • heathersarah: I’m a certified equine sports massage therapist. I was told about RockTape from a competitive barrel racer on one of my riding teams. She was eager for me to become certified and tape her horses for her, so I did. While I was waiting for my class date to come up, my father began to experience increased arthritic discomfort* in the left side of his neck. He has been taking 800mg Ibuprofen multiple times a day for several years. The doctor told him he mistakenly left him on this prescription regimen and needs to quit the drug immediately. Well my dad is blind in his left eye and has been compensating with his right eye causing his neck to become over strained. He’s in his 60s and much to young to be faced with having to revoke his drivers license because he can’t see or turn his head to see anything on his left side. My dad has factory worked in the same factory for 32 years. He is no wimp, and certainly a hard case when to win over regarding any homeopathy remedy’s. Since he was literally in a bind the day I completed my certification course I stretched that piece of tape across his neck and although I could see the relief in his eyes he didn’t say a word. The next day he called me, and raved to me for 45 minutes for the first time in a decade he slept the whole night through. When he woke up, he didn’t have to spend 20 minutes running jot water over his neck and shoulder before he had any mobility he can safely operate a vehicle and perform the same labor he has for the last 30 years with out causing any damage to his liver or kidneys. Thank you RockTape. My dad is my HERO and watching his quality of life diminish and freedom threatened played hard on my heart. You company has empowered him and so many others. Equine and human. Thank you for all that you do. I am proud to be part of the RockTape team! Check out my photos to see a glimpse of frequently I administer tape to my own animals and client animals. For everyone photo you see there are probably 10 more cases that weren’t documented I have treated. My best friend, no longer able to compete due to dislocated knee has began training again for the 2017 season 👍


  • stephrod11: I am 34 weeks pregnant and I played sports growing up and I am a personal trainer. As soon as I began gaining weight from my pregnancy my feet began aching tremendously, because I have a very low arch. I had tried @rocktape before and thought it could help. Whenever I worked out my knees hurt and my feet ached really bad in the morning. I began taping my arches and it has really helped, I have put on about 35 pounds and I give birth soon and I am still using rock tape for my arches! Rock tape has been a life saver, i have been able to continue with my daily activities and exercise routine because of rock tape! I also used RockTape during my second trimester for ligament discomfort* and it worked great! Thank you @rocktape!!


  • stacimudrunner_fitness: I really have to give a shout out to @rocktape.. This stuff has held up ALL WEEKEND! I put this tape on Saturday morning before my event for knee support.
    There was A TON of water on Saturday #spartansuper that we had to go through, trudging through, with mud and freezing temps, sometimes up to my chest.
    A shower when I got home. Another Spartan on Sunday, then another shower.
    After all of that, I still have the support of #rocktape on my knee?! Incredible. They also have cool designs 😍. Posting on my personal page now.