Do you set the pace for your fitness crew? Do any or all of these signs apply to you? Then you’ve got yourself a fitfam! Whether you share a lot, a little, or everything with your fitfam, we’ve got a little something for everyone on this list. This is a MUST READ if you’re a gym owner, trainer, fitness guru or pro athlete; these health and fitness gifties are just too good not to share.

1. MyZone Fitness Belt & Watch


If you’re looking for OrangeTheory Fitness-level results but they don’t fit into your schedule or budget, you can DIY with your own belt and watch from MyZone. Wear the belt or the bra to your apartment gym, on a run, or incorporate it into your regularly scheduled fitness class and track your heart rate through your workouts. It’s like your own personal fitness thermometer.


2. Cricket Flour




Nutrition just got weirder… Cricket contains twice as much protein as beef, as much calcium as milk, as much Vitamin B12 as salmon, and 17 amino acids, including Lysine. Time to make some paleo chocolate chirp cookies!



3. PowerDot



PowerDot is a mobile, bluetooth/app-based, muscle stim device that harnesses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to maximize the body’s efforts, evolving your training, recovery and overall fitness whenever, wherever.pd_4485

PowerDot has dedicated programs for warm up, recovery, massage, strength, endurance, and resistance. We love the recovery program that improves blood circulation, flushes lactic acid, and triggers the release of endorphins that allow for a speedy recovery from activity.

Over time, the PowerDot system can also help improve an athlete’s overall endurance and explosiveness, while reducing common injury risks.


4. Onnit Steel Mace


In the real world, loads are rarely ever perfectly balanced. You juggle kids, your groceries, and imperfectly balanced boxes. Steel maces were originally developed by the Persian warriors for real world combat. Thanks to the disproportionate weight displacement, you’ll be optimizing your stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers. The mace is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength, and is a steel testament to one’s desire to take fitness back to its primal roots.


5. A Massage or Chiropractic Work




Any sore athlete would love to get taped, a sports massage or be adjusted by a chiropractor. But with gym memberships costing well over $100/month, paying for these services are out of reach for many. Pamper them with a massage or an adjustment and they will be eternally grateful to you for helping them heal their sore muscles and getting them back in fighting shape for holiday WODs. Rock on. We’ll help you locate a doc nearby.

Find a RockDoc in your area…


6. FitAID


$18 – $60

Nothing goes faster in the RockTape fridge than FocusAID & FitAID

FITAID is the perfect pre and post workout supplement product. If you are dragging pre workout, FITAID contains B complex, Green Tea Leaf extract, and Quercetin for a natural pick me up without getting you all jittery. If you are looking for recovery after your workout FITAID has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, and raw organic agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with complete and clean recovery. Enjoy a can ice cold for a pleasant light citrus flavor.focusaid


FocusAID is the perfect supplement to help you focus when you need it, keep your mind in flow, and help you recover from an intense day at work and school…..all without the high sugar, high caffeine, high taurine and artificially laden ingredients found in most energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks that are filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners, tons of sugar and added caffeine, FocusAID is the effective and healthy solution for the health-conscious workhorse.





The 3.0 session is an elegant redesign of the rope that started it all off, revolutionizing the rope game back in 2012. No one had ever put this much thought and engineering into a jump rope before, and the results show it. Still the toughest, fastest, most efficient speed rope ever made, the session is the foundation of our rope line up. So whether it’s setting world records, getting someone their first ever double-under, or propelling a games athlete to a win, this rope is ready for whatever you can throw at it, and could be the last rope you ever need to buy.

8. RockTape & RockSauce

RockTape $20

RockSauce $15

Whether you are a runner, CrossFitter, bodybuilder, gym owner, or coach, you never want your body to take a sick day. Slap some sauce on it, and secure yourself with some RockTape, the stickiest tape there is.

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back discomfort*. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

RockSauce is a topical discomfort* relief cream that works by providing incredibly strong heating sensations that last for hours – with powerful ingredients like menthol and capsaicin that work together to soothe sore joints and muscles. Best of all, it can be used with RockTape – it soaks right through without compromising stickiness. Take the convenient 3oz roll-on bottle anywhere and apply it anytime with no mess and no hassle.*-relief/ 


9. Jaybird Freedom



Wire-free headphones are hip, but we still reach for this Bluetooth set. They sound great and are comfortable on long runs, plus the cable makes it a cinch to find them in the bottom of a duffel bag.


10. Blackburn 2’Fer


Designed for cyclists, this blinker hooks to your waistband and has an intense flickering pattern. There’s no chance a driver will fail to notice you on an early morning jog.