1. PurePharma PR3 Protein Powder



There’s no better time to replenish your body than after a grueling CrossFit workout. PurePharma’s PR3 protein powder carries 24 grams of protein taken from sprouted brown rice to fuel your muscles with the essential nutrients they need to heal and grow. Restore your electrolytes with freeze-dried organic coconut water. Plus, PR3 is made with 2.5 grams of bioactive collagen to keep your tendons, ligaments and cartilage healthy. Many people drink it post-WOD but we love it any time of day!



2. RPM Jump Rope



The 3.0 session is an elegant redesign of the rope that started it all off, revolutionizing the rope game back in 2012. No one had ever put this much thought and engineering into a jump rope before, and the results show it. Still the toughest, fastest, most efficient speed rope ever made, the session is the foundation of our rope line up. So whether it’s setting world records, getting someone their first ever double-under, helping an athlete crush a workout at their box, or propelling a games athlete to a win, this rope is ready for whatever you can throw at it, and could be the last rope you ever need to buy.



3. WODdoc Subscription

$14.99 – $99.99

Tim Simansky DC is a CrossFit L1 Instructor, Olympic Lifting Instructor and Sports Chiro. Aside from posting daily videos about technique, mobility, or nutrition, he answers subscriber-specific questions about how to move better.



4. FitAIDscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-1-52-18-pm

$18 – $60

Nothing goes faster in the RockTape fridge than FocusAID & FitAID

FITAID is the perfect pre and post workout supplement product. If you are dragging pre workout, FITAID contains B complex, Green Tea Leaf extract, and Quercetin for a natural pick me up without getting you all jittery. If you are looking for recovery after your workout FITAID has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, and raw organic agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with complete and clean recovery. Enjoy a can ice cold for a pleasant light citrus flavor.focusaid

FocusAID is the perfect supplement to help you focus when you need it, keep your mind in flow, and help you recover from an intense day at work and school…..all without the high sugar, high caffeine, high taurine and artificially laden ingredients found in most energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks that are filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners, tons of sugar and added caffeine, FocusAID is the effective and healthy solution for the health-conscious workhorse.





5. Protective Gear

We couldn’t settle on just one. Everyone WODs differently. Some of us drag barbells up our shins when we deadlift or miss when we box-jump. These CrossFitters need RockGuard Shin. All CrossFitters should be wearing knee sleeves. Our new Assassins come in three awesome designs, are the most comfortable on the market and designed by top athletes to ensure top quality.


RockTape Assassins Knee Sleeves $70

RockGuard Shin Protection $60



6. RX Bars

rx-bars$27 – $67

Everyone loves RX Bars because they are delicious, made of 100% real food and never contain unnatural processed BS… No dairy, no gluten and no sugar added. Just 12 grams of delicious protein.

Mint is a popular favorite!



7. A Massage or Chiropractic Work


Any sore CrossFitter would love to get taped, a sports massage or be adjusted by a chiropractor. But with gym memberships costing well over $100/month, paying for these services are out of reach for many. Pamper them with a massage or an adjustment and they will be eternally grateful to you for helping them heal their sore muscles and getting them back in fighting shape for holiday WODs. Rock on. We’ll help you locate a doc nearby.

Find a RockDoc in your area…



8. Reebok Nanos


You’re not a real CrossFitter until you have a pair. Ask anyone. But if you have to ask, you might get laughed at.



9. Onnit Steel Clubs


These steel clubs are basically the most paleo of workout tools, thereby making it a CrossFitter’s dream gift. Originally developed in ancient Persia as a means for conditioning soldiers and wrestlers, heavy clubs are particularly valuable for grip strength, shoulder work, and rotational core power. Steel Clubs can be used to train all aspects of fitness, including strength, conditioning, and balance. They are also an excellent addition to more traditional methodologies like barbell training, allowing you to enhance your functional capabilities through full body exercises when you can’t make it to the gym.