Why did you get into chiropractic?

I was working in the Title Insurance industry when the real estate market crashed in FL. My friend who was the director of operations said I was the happiest guy he ever fired. I was always passionate about health and wellness, movement and sport. My undergrad degrees were in psychology and biology. I spoke with an executive coach who asked me the right questions that led me to chiropractic. Two months later I was enrolled at Parker College of Chiropractic.


Tell us about your practice. Where, and what do you specialize in?

jumping-beachI have a concierge-style practice in paradise (Naples FL). I focus on how my clients move, how that relates to their daily life and future goals. Its a hands on, 1-on-1, patient-centric practice where I spend quality time working the client. I attract movers of all kinds and I incorporate lots of education and inspiration. I don’t jive well with lazy or non compliant patients.

What was your first experience with RockTape?

I was a CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) seminar in Idaho where I met one of the RockTape directors. I had a fractured L5 vertebrae that was being annoying and she slapped some tape on it. I was amazed at the immediate relief, the increased sensation I was feeling and the lasting effects. We started talking about tape and our other favorite thing, feet, and I guess we hit it off. A few weeks later I was shadowing and then instructing. I’m still amazed what RockTape can do and that I get to be a part of spreading that knowledge.

photo-1-2How do you use RockTape in your practice?

Everyone, every visit (unless contraindicated) for a variety of reasons. (Take a FMT Basic and performance to learn more. Shameless plug) I use it for reduction of discomfort*, improved circulation, increased proprioception for rehabbing, recovery, tons of posture and more.

What’s your favorite RockTape pattern/product?

I’m a coastal water kind of guy. My favorite tape pattern is the Hawaiian Floral pattern then anything with skulls. My favorite tool is without a doubt the new RockBlades. The Blades and the new way of using them that we teach in the Blades course has really changed the way I practice making me more efficient and effective.

What’s the most interesting injury/dysfunction you’ve taped for?

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-07-50-pmWow, brain just melted. So many to go through. Hmmmm…I’d say it was my daughter’s torticollis. She was born breech so I have been using tape and IASTM on her with great results. I used our RockTapeRx because it has less adhesive for sensitive skin, I had to cut the tape more to fit her little body and removal was more delicate not to hurt her. She loves it now and asks for it every time she sees some. 

If you could change one behavior of your patients, what would it be?

Their belief system/the way they talk about their bodies and their health. I’d like them to use more positive words about how healthy, how strong, and how capable they are–no limits language. 

Where do you think Chiropractic care is headed? What’s the future of it?

I’m really not sure. I think physical medicine is on the rise and that people are finally understanding the benefits of exercise and quality motion. I also think the brains ability to control and impact health will be emphasized.

I look forward to learning more and exploring for myself and my patients.

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