Some know her as Hollywood’s Military Tech & Weapons Officer Expert. To others, she is a military vet–a Gunner’s Mate and Rescue Swimmer. Others might recognize her from the motocross track or the shooting range. When she’s not competing, you can find her collaborating with movie stars for their big fight scenes on the silver screen. Carrizosa has worked with Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Gregory D. Gadson, Tadanobu Asano, John Tui, Jesse Plemons and Michelle Rodriguez, to name a few. She also loves RockTape. Meet our adventurous adrenaline junkie, Jacqueline Carrizosa.

Prod6.1NE-1792Please tell us a little about yourself and about your first experience riding dirt bikes.

My name is Jacqueline Carrizosa. I’m a female Gunner’s Mate, Rescue Swimmer and Navy Veteran. I race Women’s Expert and Pro Offroad Dirtbiking, and I also shoot and hunt competitively.

What kind of bike do you ride?

I currently race a Yamaha 450 4-stroke and train for enduro races on my Beta 300 Xtrainer 2-stroke

Would you describe your first experience shooting a gun?

Awesome. Deliberate and forceful are two words for my first time. It was in the Navy for a qualification shoot, which I qualified “Expert” on.

What is your favorite gun? Is there a different favorite for different days?

 Definitely! I’ve shot all kinds of guns and the bigger, the easier and more fun it is to shoot. Now I’m on the hunt for things I haven’t shot to personal “bucket-list” list them, I’ve shot bolt actions like the 900 grain 600 overkill, huge mortars, machine guns, and more.

How does RockTape help you your performance?

I use all of my body in my sports. I’m also very into preventative health, which I believe keeping yourself as 110% as you can, helps and if not gives you a positive position in your competition. RockTape supports me and keeps me stabilized, especially with my current VMO knee problems that’s solved with the KneeCaps and the tape positioning when I can’t wear the caps (like when I’m at work). With the KneeCaps I’ve been able to lift again and squat again over 200lbs without feeling like my knee was going to make me fall down.

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What’s your most loved & most hated exercise?

Probably everyone’s favorite–cardio. I love it because I get a high every time I ride my bicycle, swim, run, or on the row machine. I hate it because I’ve got an attention problem until I reach that high, where my mind wanders and I get bored until I refocus and go harder. Music usually helps that time period from lasting very long.

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What is your favorite RockTape product?

My favorite would be the waterproof blue RockTape H2O and the Locals Only tape. My all time favorite product is the Pink Camo KneeCaps!

Who is your role model in your affiliated sports?

Role models for me are inspirational people, people that make you more creative and excel in your life and sport. People like that to me are individuals like Ronnie Renner, Jolene Van Vugt, Laia Sanz and Tatum Sik. For shooting, my role models would be my brothers and sisters in the armed forces, more specifically the special armed forces and the guys/gals in the Army Marksmanship Unit. The most inspiring bunch are guys and women that I meet almost everyday while I’m participating in my sports that are just as happy and enthusiastic about it; that makes me even happier than I already am.


Jacqueline Carrizosa was in a critical accident over the weekend while training for her 640-mile Vegas to Reno Ironman motorcycle race, intended to raise funds for Veterans Training Fund. We can now confirm due to injuries sustained during the accident, that she has broken her back in two places, and has lost a kidney. She is stable now, but needs our help. An official VTF-approved GoFundMe account has been set up to assist with her medical bills and rehabilitation, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Jacque. We ask you all to please donate what you can, and please send prayers and positive vibes to Jacque via Twitter at @Brojaq  and using the already trending hashtag #PrayforBrojaq in support of our favorite Navy veteran, professional motocross rider, and all-around great person.