Would you tell us a little bit about your background? How long have you been wrestling competitively?

I began wrestling my sophomore year of high school. I went on to compete in college at the University of Nebraska Kearney and was a 4-time All-American and 2-time National Champion. I made my first Senior World Team in 2009 and have been on the 2011, ’12, ’13 ’14, ’15, and ’16 teams. I have placed bronze twice at the World Championships and was 5th in the 2012 Olympics.

TervelDHow did you qualify for the Olympics?

To qualify for the Olympics I had to win the Pan Am Championships in March, which entered my weight in the Olympics for the USA, and then had to win the Olympic Trials in April at 125kg.

What has been your toughest obstacle in your Road to Rio?

Training conditions for wrestling are very rigorous and demanding. For an older athlete like me one must manage their training and recovery minutes well.

What are your greatest achievements as a wrestler?

I have made the second most senior teams in USA heavyweight history and am a 4x US Open Champion, 2x World Medalist, and now a 2x Olympian, but I’m most proud of being a husband and a dad.

Who has been your sports hero?

I’ve grown up watching and trying to mimic Cael Sanderson who was a 4x undefeated NCAA champ and Olympic champ.

What do you do when you have free time?

I really enjoy video games, movies, and reading books.  I also like racquet ball.

If you could only eat one thing for a month, what would it be?


Do you have any recovery routines? What products do you use?

Right now I use Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, hyperbaric therapy, and specific exercises for recovery. I take multivitamins, vitamin D, amino acids, whey protein, and glucosamine supplements too.

Tervel2 How did you find out about RockTape?

I got a microdiscectomy last August and I have been looking for things to help my lower back ever since. I found out about RockTape from one of my doctors, Dr. Tyler Kelly. He took over my therapy last December and he has been taping me ever since.

How do you use tape?

I use the tape for stability in my low back.  I feel more sturdy when I wear it for hard workouts.

What is your training like?

My training is much different than it used to be–much more for health than strength now. I also don’t wrestle hard as often as I used to. I have to pick my spots.

What do most people not know about you?

My favorite movie of all time is a chick flick (About Time) and I love to hip hop dance.



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