Why did you get into chiropractic? 

I became interested in chiropractic after shadowing several (13) different specialty doctors while I was in college. I had an early understanding of what good manual therapy could do. I was treated often by a chiropractor and ‘old school’ osteopathic doc. It just made sense to me. 

Tell us about your practice. What do you specialize in? 

My practice is located in Grandview Heights, Ohio. It’s a beautiful, trendy suburb in Columbus. It’s centrally located and easy to get to; I see patients from all over central Ohio. 

I specialize in functional movement and functional medicine. We focus on being patient-centered and goal driven. The practice is nearly 100% referral-based so I have a ton of really cool patients and high level athletes. Concurrently, I’m exposed a wide variety of ailments. I may go from discussing autoimmune or obesity issues to reducing a pudendal nerve entrapment by taping an ankle. That’s my day, every day. image1-2

A big part of my practice is focused on movement. I spend a lot of time watching people move during assessments. It’s cool because movement doesn’t lie. It’s like playing a game of ‘clue’ with every new patient. I really enjoy the process. We incorporate the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Neurokinetic Therapy, and various other movement assessments.

What kind of sports injuries have you seen wrestlers suffer the most? How do you treat them? 

Low back discomfort* and shoulder injuries are common among wrestlers. Because wrestling is an asymmetrical sport, wrestlers may present with some ‘elite’ handedness in their cores/pelvises. I see low back discomfort* most commonly caused by ‘in season’ athletes lifting heavy symmetrical loads causing strains in commonly used stance muscles. For example, a ‘left leg lead’ wrestler will commonly strain their right quadratus lumborum during a deadlift. 

I look for deficient movement patterns, muscle imbalances, and treat as needed. I use RockTape to ‘lock-in’ my work. When using tape, the athletes feel increased stability and use improved motor control and movement strategies. The more time I can have the athlete moving better between visits, the quicker they get back.

image2-1What do Olympic qualifying competitions entail for docs?

A busy weekend. Typically, a lot of traveling, setting up and tearing down of equipment, and attentiveness to your athletes. I watch all the matches and watch for potential mechanisms of injury. In between matches, I’ll help with cool down and the prep for the next match. At this level of competition, I also try not to get in their way/negatively affect their routines.

What do you do in preparation and during matches?

I watch all the matches and watch for potential mechanisms of injury. In between matches, I’ll help with cool down and the prep for the next match.

Why RockTape?

RockTape is the best. As a movement company, they just get it. I think they understand the doctors [who use it] well. [RockTape instructors] know how we assess, and they teach to tape ‘movement’–not muscles. That’s a huge difference. The tape itself is superior; it stays on and the athletes always notice the difference.

How are you preparing for the Olympics?

Prepping my office, getting ahead at work. Making sure all of my credentialing is handled for the Olympics so that I have uninterrupted access to the athletes I’ll be treating down in Rio.

If you could change one behavior of your patients, what would it be?

I would have them focus on daily movements habits, with emphasis on moving better and more often. Daily maintenance, and consciousness regarding movement.  That’s all.

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After several injuries and trips to the doctor, Dr. Tyler Kelly developed a significant interest in health and performance. He attended Ohio University and majored in Exercise Physiology. As his interest in the human frame grew he enrolled at New York Chiropractic College, located in upstate New York. After a few years practicing in Upper Arlington, Dr. Kelly opened Kelly Chiropractic & Functional Medicine, located in Grandview Heights, Ohio. 


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