Why did you get into chiropractic?

A few reasons:

1.) Selfishly: at 20 I had a catastrophic lower back injury and wanted to learn how to help myself overcome excruciating discomfort*. I can safely say that now at 34 I feel better than I did before I was hurt because of what I have learned both academically and clinically.

2.) Feels Good: Since the age of 14 I would routinely get an adjustment before sporting events. I loved the way adjustments would make me feel and I performed better on the field. 

3.) Passion: I have always loved sports and helping people. I thought Sports Chiropractic would be a great way to stay around the game and give me the opportunity to make a positive difference in peoples lives.

april pic4-1Tell us about your practice. Where, and what do you specialize in?

I am a Sports Chiropractor in Boca Raton Florida. I work with Florida Atlantic University as their Official Team Chiropractor. The goal in our office is to give patients an accurate diagnosis then use advanced non-surgical therapies to get them back to what they love to do as quickly as possible.  The therapies that we provide in the collegiate training room are the same therapies that we use on all members of our community. We like to tell people to think of us as their training room for life, where they can go to recover from an injury, prevent an injury or improve their athletic/daily performance.

What was your first experience with RockTape?

I remember being at a seminar Rodman Wodmanand my friend showed me a roll of his RockTape. I thought the colors and patterns were cool but at the time I was using a different tape. Soon after that, I worked the medical tent at an Ironman Triathlon and the tape I was using was not sticking very well. When I got back to my office I ordered a few rolls of RockTape to try and have been proudly using it ever since. Besides making a great quality tape, RockTape is a excellent company and the way they teach taping movements and not muscles is a monumental discovery.

How do you use RockTape in your practice?2016 January 352

All sorts of reasons, but mainly to: reduce discomfort* and edema, increase proprioceptive awareness, improve biomechanical position and to reduce exercise fatigue.

What’s your favorite RockTape pattern/product/etc?

I am a big fan of the stars and stripes colors. I love any and all things America! We also love the RockSauce in our office and I use it during treatments. My patients joke that they take baths in it. During the month of October, we like to use our pink tape to create awareness for breast cancer.  One of my favorite patients, is my special needs nephew, James.  James loves all thinks Ninja Turtles, so we use all the colors of the turtles to tape him! My favorite taping pattern is edema control. I love that it instantly reduces discomfort* and increases range of motion. It makes me feel like a magician!

If you could change one behavior of your patients, what would it be?

2016 January 464-1I tell patients that I was a Chiropractic patient way before I was a Chiropractor, and I wasn’t always a good patient. I would come in primarily in response to an injury. I would like to create awareness of using Sports Chiropractic as Holistic Pain Management. Instead of taking medication and injections for discomfort*, patients should come in on a routine basis to prevent and correct issues. Although, I must say, I have an amazing patient base. They are people who are very aware of their bodies, and are very willing to help themselves.

Where do you think Chiropractic care is headed? What’s the future of it?

I believe the future is bright and limitless. We are fortunate to be living in a time of tremendous technological advancements. Some of the advanced therapies that are coming out are helping us to get patients better in a much quicker amount of time. This question makes me think of my father-in-law. Fifteen years ago he would not consider seeing a Chiropractor, now it’s his first stop after an injury. People are now more aware of their options, they are taking better care of their bodies, eating better, exercising more and trying to avoid surgeries and medication. I think we are lucky to be living in a time when we have so many options for care- both traditional and holistic. I am excited for the future and can only hope that traditional and holistic care can continue to come together to really create “health care” not just “sick care.”

You can contact Dr. Todd Rodman, DC, CCSP at DrToddRodman@aim.com and learn more about his office and the techniques they offer at www.scnhs.com