Why did you get into massage therapy?

After a disabling car accident where I was told I’d never be able to be physically active again I learned about massage therapy. I met a chiropractor 4 months after the accident who helped me but said massage therapy was needed to help with the soft tissue damage and after 4 months of my chiropractor begging me to give it a try because at the time I was in too much discomfort* and didn’t understand how massage could even be therapeutic. After my first massage I was hooked and after I bounced back the car accident I enrolled in a massage program.

What do you do for exercise / do you play a sport?

I skateboard pretty regularly and practice low weighted Olympic lifting to keep me functioning.

Tell us about your practice. Where, and what do you specialize in?

I work with a team of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturist, as well as an athletic trainer and clinical psychologist at Khouri Chiropractic in Charleston, SC. On the side I also provide mobile services for your average sporting events as well as at music venues and skateboarding contests around the state. I primarily see recreational, amateur, and college athletes in my office.

What is the most common problem your clients come to you to fix?

Most come in the door wanting me to help them get back to physical activity yesterday after leaving their office and overdoing it with a sport or physical activity.

What was your first experience with RockTape?

I first learned about RockTape in 2011 when I was looking for something to replace my back brace I had to wear to get me through work but I never followed up and bought some until 3 years later after taking a KT method kinesio taping class where the instructor highly recommended RockTape. I went home that evening and compared the different taping methods and ordered RockTape. I experienced first hand how much better RockTape was and I eventually tried it out while skateboarding and instantly became hooked and I felt like I had to take a FMT course to find out what else I may have been missing out on.

How do you use RockTape in your practice?

Most of my referrals come from seeking plantar fasciitis relief. My favorite part of the body to tape though is probably the knee because of the general instant relief and smile.

What’s your favorite RockTape pattern/product/etc?

I love the RockTape logo H2O which is my go-to when there is no color preference. Recently, I have started incorporating the RockBalls when dealing with stubborn hips at address the agonist and antagonist muscles at the same time.


You can usually find Stephen at:

Khouri Chiropractic

Khouri Chiropractic and Health Solutions, LLC
1 Unity Alley Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29401

Stephen Redmon LMT SC #9226

Phone: (843) 853-2225
Fax: (843) 853-2221
Email: khourichiro@gmail.com
Twitter: @khourichiro