Stephanie Martinez was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in February 2014 while she was pregnant with her daughter. During her pregnancy, her condition developed into Type I Diabetes.

Over the past several months, Stephanie’s blood glucose levels escalated to the point where her Endocrinologist recommended a Continuous Glucose Monitor. She tried it for seven days using RockTape H2O tape to secure it on her stomach.

“It was the first time I had been introduced to RockTape. I loved that I was able to shower and exercise without worrying it was going to come off.”

The trial worked so well she decided to order her own CGM—as well as a couple rolls of RockTape H2O! She wears the CGM every day and changes its sensor every seven days.

Guess what today is? Sensor change day! #t1d #diabetic #diabetestype1 #type1diabetic #cgm #dexcomg5 #rocktape

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“I feel at ease using RockTape with my CGM for the extra support. My Type I Diabetes is something that cannot be cured, so along with my CGM I definitely look forward to using RockTape for a lifetime.”

-Stephanie Martinez


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