How did you get into CrossFit? What’s your athletic background?

In 2007 a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to a CrossFit class with her. I thought she was mistaken and didn’t know what cross-training was. I figured she just had her words mixed up. But the next morning she took me to San Francisco CrossFit and I took my first CrossFit class. It was epic. Prior to that I played college soccer at UC Berkeley

How are you feeling halfway into the 2016 open? 

Every year in the Open is a roller coaster. This year I’m 31 years-old and I’ve established myself more as a coach in the CrossFit world. I’m feeling blessed to be in the position that I am after 3 weeks while wearing as many hats as I am wearing. Life isn’t boring that’s for sure!

What’s your favorite lift/movement? Your most hated?

I’ve learned to love the rings. I use to have a love/hate relationship with them as they were the downfall of some of my worst workouts in competition years ago. Now they have become fun. Muscle-ups, back uprises, and back roll to support. They are all fun and exciting. I’d prefer not to run long distances. So lets just keep them out of the Open!

How do you see CrossFit evolving in the future? 

The elite in the sport of CrossFit are going to distance themselves even further from the everyday athlete. There is going to become a standard that must be met as a CrossFit athlete. You will have to commit full time to even make Regionals. 25-30 hours of training a week will be required. This will make local competitions and mid level competitions much more of the all inclusive place to participate in the sport for recreational CrossFit athletes. The Open will always remain a great place to test yourself against the world.

What advice would you give to a regular weekend warrior in the Open?

Recognize where your skill level is and make sure you’re setting your goals and expectations accordingly. The Open requires a lot of commitment and training for many months–if not an entire year–in  order to have success each week. Weekend warriors will likely have a couple good weeks and a few tough weeks. It is just too hard to balance out all the things you must be good at for CrossFit without putting in the consistent training. So be OK with that and have FUN!

Let’s talk RockTape–how do you use the gear we make? 

I try my best to be as minimal with my supportive equipment as I can be when I train and compete. However, when the volume gets high, when the intensity ramps up, I need to be smart and protect my body. RockTape delivers me with the best supportive and protective gear possible. From gloves, to KneeCaps, to tape, and shin guards, I can attack workouts without worrying about hurting myself or tearing my skin off. Thank you guys for that!

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