Why did you get into physical therapy?

I first became interested in high school. I had an ankle injury and went to a PT and an ATC. Since then I always felt there should be a better / faster way to bounce back after injuries. I’ve since been on a mission to find that better and faster way and deliver it to athletes everyday.

What do you do for exercise / do you play a sport?

Basketball has always been my favorite sport. I have also been mountain biking, which is an awesome rush, and great opportunity to get outside.

Tell us about your practice. Where, and what do you specialize in?

My practice is the Kime Human Performance Institute in El Dorado Hills, CA. We focus on getting people to better health and getting athletes to perform better.

What was your first experience with RockTape?

I was first introduced to RockTape at the 2010 Masters Track & Field National Championships. I was using an inferior product at the medical tent and one of the original RockTape instructors offered me some RockTape. Then he mentored me and I became an instructor too!

How do you use RockTape in your practice?

I use it for several purposes. Most often for swelling and discomfort* for post-op patients. Often for posture and to enhance movement in non-injured and non operative patients.

What’s your favorite RockTape taping pattern? What is the most common?

I am always impressed with taping the fascial lines and the impact it has on movement. The helical pattern or the lateral line are the most commonly used.