My first exposure to RockTape was in December 2011.

11755907_10205729798982010_7043586264487798033_n-1I was at a Health Expo prior to the Dallas Marathon. I had been using kinesiology tape extensively with my patients as well as the athletes of USA Diving for many years. I saw a RockTape booth and was intrigued to find what this tape had to offer that my current tape didn’t. So I stated talking to this guy named Greg van den Dries. He had no idea who I was and I had no clue who he was. We were just two guys at a pre-race health fair. I was browsing around looking at products and was intrigued by this new tape with the slogan “Go Stronger, Longer.” He was an owner and developer of a relatively new kinesiology tape company called RockTape. He went through his little spiel trying to convince me how much better RockTape was compared to the “other” brand. I then told him of my involvement with the US Diving team as their Head Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist and that I was about to travel for the World Cup of Diving. So he handed me six rolls.

In a month I was in London for an event leading up to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. It was there that I first exposed the athletes of USA Diving to RockTape.

One by one, these athletes came to me and said that RockTape was “by far better” than what I had previously been applying.


It stayed on longer and held up to the demands of hitting the water at 35+ miles per hour.


RockTape quickly became an integral part of my medical kit. Today, RockTape travels around the world with the Medical Staff of US Diving. RockTape isn’t the only tape in my medical kit, but it is the only kinesiology tape I use. RockTape will be in Rio for the Summer Games helping athletes “Go Stronger, Longer.”

Terry Robinson PT, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer United States Diving