Physical therapists usually think of their patients first, as we should. That’s what I love about our profession. All of our energy goes toward the patient’s immediate treatment and how to make them better. However, often we leave other options for self-treatment on the table. Don’t forget that many patients can treat themselves or a loved one using your detailed instructions of how to use PT products.

Generally as a profession, we do not like to “push” or sell products. We are medical martyrs to the patient’s cause and will do so for free or as low as we can. While patient care comes first, the health of our business and profession must be supported as well. In addition, if patients are going to buy products anyway, they might as well buy them from a clinic they trust. That way we have a small chance of making up for large cuts from insurance companies. We can keep our jobs, and that allows us to make enough money to contribute to our associations and lobbying groups to advance our profession and bring world peace to healthcare… At least we will be able to support the downhill struggle against overworked PTs and underpaid PT clinics.


RockTape products are some of the best to use in your clinic. Here are a few reasons why I use RockTape products:

  1. RockTape is not just a tape company, they are a movement company. Their tape, philosophy, and education focus on keeping people moving. The mobility line is supported by evidence and clinical based regional interdependent treatments.
  2. They want their clients to have fun and make money. Not a bad addition to our fight to make people better.

HOW to utilize products from RockTape:

  1. Take a RockTape FMT course. Superior product and education will equip you with the right tools at the right time for the best outcomes.
  2. Educate your patient, spouse, coaches, loved ones, etc. on how to apply kinesiology tape appropriately. Focus on patterns, techniques and precautions to stay sharp.
  3. Have a storefront. Not just a few rolls behind the counter, but a dedicated high traffic area that has a taping display along with other products. We all sell pulley systems and cold packs—why not other self-help tools like tape, balls, bands, and foam rollers.
  4. Charge appropriately! There is no reason physical therapists cannot be good business people. Don’t overcharge or oversell, but make a return on your education, product, and business investment. Make a little extra to pay for the CEUs, broken icemaker, or even just rent. A smart business captures appropriate income.
  5. Have fun! With long hours and increased patient loads, we sometimes forget to have fun with our clients. Use some hot pink tape on the 90 year-old TKA, or stars and stripes patterned tape with the proud military vet.
  6. Utilize in marketing or social media. Have your staff or patients take fun pictures of their tape or return to activity (HIPAA compliant of course). Gather your tribe members and unite in a bigger cause.
  7. Products are easier to talk about and sell than services. Host a course to a local school, running store, etc. and show off some fun, colorful tape or products. Everyone loves trying a product out, while education about stretching may not be quite as different or appealing.
  8. Keep your heart in the right place. If you put the patient and your profession first, you will always make the right decision about when and where to use or sell any product to your patients.


-Stuart Wilson, PT

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