Andre Botha photographed by Clark Little

Who uses RockTape H2O?


Body boarder Andre Botha

Andre Botha

I’ve been asked a lot “How do you not get injured?” but the truth is that injuries are apart of the game and are bound to happen. Riding heavy waves is hard on the body, especially close outs. My list of wave related injuries are countless and there is nothing worse than not being able to be active and do what you love. In June 2015 I pulled muscles in my back doing an invert. It took me until November to finally be rid of the discomfort* in that area. In December at Keiki I free fell onto the sand and, like a weak link in a chain, the discomfort* was back. Muscle discomfort* has a way of haunting one like this. I can say with great relief that I have found a product that actually works and helps so much… RockTape has been a savior giving me the ability to go stronger longer and RockTape h2o is ideal for my lifestyle in the water. I’m not just pushing a product here, this really works for me. Thanks RockTape, literally for the support.


USA Diving

Olympic_RockTapediving2USA Diving head athletic trainer Terry Robinson has been using RockTape with national team divers for several years. RockTape serves as the official supplier of kinesiology tape for the team.

“I use RockTape as an injury prevention and recovery method” Robinson says. “Divers don’t need to be thinking about an injury or muscular problem while diving, and RockTape helps alleviate discomfort* and other restrictions that could impede their performance.”

“Our athletes hit the water at around 35 mph–RockTape H2O is the only tape that sticks.”

-Terry Robinson, PT, Head Athletic Trainer for USA Diving

USA Water Polo

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RockTape is also the official tape supplier for USA Water Polo.

Water Polo is a thrilling, taxing sport and we love that we’re in a position to keep all of team USA’s athletes moving stronger, longer in the water.

“There’s no other kinesiology tape that can stand up to the demands of this sport. Our athletes push their bodies to the limit, and our tape has to stay on to be effective. RockTape stays put, no matter what Team USA throws at it, withstanding dry land, and pool workouts.

-Jeff Dyrek, USA Water Polo’s Director of Marketing