RockTape:  Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in CrossFit.

Ashleigh:  I started CrossFit about two years ago. My main sport was soccer and I played at a national level. My Dad had me start CrossFit to gain muscle going into the upcoming season. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and never looked back.

RockTape:  What are your goals for the 2016 Season?

Ashleigh:  My goals for the 2016 season is to just become a better athlete. During this year I plan to make my biggest weaknesses my biggest strengths.

RockTape:  What’s your most loved AND most hated movement / workout / exercise?

Ashleigh:  My most loved movement is anything with a heavy barbell. My least favorite movement would have to be anything that has running in it…Anyways, who really likes running?

RockTape:  How does RockTape help you meet your goals in CrossFit?

Ashleigh:  Before I implemented RockTape products into my recovering process, I never really did anything. I was sore all the time and injuries were popping up left and right. Since using RockTape products, I feel like a new person. My training has immensely improved, I’m able to “Go stronger longer,” and stay injury-free of course!

RockTape:  What is your favorite RockTape product / tape pattern?

Ashleigh:  My favorite RockTape product is definitely the RockSauce. It’s the most powerful muscle relief I’ve ever used. Whenever I have an ache or discomfort*, my favorite thing to do is put RockSauce on the area and cover it with RockTape.

RockTape:  Who is your fitness role model / whom would you most like to meet in the fitness industry?

Ashleigh:  I look up to all athletes in the fitness industry. It’s inspiring how hard these people have to work to reach the level they’re at. If I had to pick one athlete, it would be Spencer Hendel, my coach. He’s a 5-time CrossFit Games Athlete. I have the opportunity to workout day in, and day out with one of my biggest role models. It’s motivating and inspiring to see what it takes if I want to compete at that level.