A new study at Montana State University confirms pHast Legs efficacy

A blind placebo study was conducted on Nordic skiers by Dr Dan Heil at Montana State University. After 24 elite Nordic skiers used either Alka-Myte or placebo for 7 days at a dose of 1 tablet per 50 pounds of body weight, the following significant changes were noted in their upper body ergometer performance: 1. increased power output; 2. reduced cardio-respiratory stress with lower heart rate, respiratory rate and energy expenditure (lower sub-maximal VO2) and 3. reduced blood lactate levels. The research is available here.

Paleo Punch

Did you know that a Paleo oriented diet can increase blood acidity significantly? Heavy consumption of protein can be highly acidic to your body if it is not balanced by alkaline vegetables and fruits. High acidity, or acidosis, causes pH imbalances in your body which stresses various tissues, compromises immunity and reduces performance.

An easy way to counter high amounts of protein is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The problem is it requires you to eat a lot of vegetables!

pHast Legs to the rescue! Simply pop the required dosage of pHast Legs while eating smartly and you’ll soon be dropping pounds while staying strong and healthy. pHast Legs greatly reduces muscle soreness as well.