(Los Gatos, CA, July 5, 2009)  ROCKTAPE, the recently-introduced performance tape designed to help endurance athletes manage fatigue, was worn by six athletes who made over ten appearances on the podium in this past weekend’s US Jr Track Cycling competition held at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Worn by cycling professionals and rising stars, ROCKTAPE is the preferred performance enhancement product for endurance athletes.

ROCKTAPE is designed to promote better blood flow, lymph drainage and lactic acid removal and reduces muscle vibration, all of which help athletes manage fatigue,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of ROCKTAPE. “ROCKTAPE is similar to other Kinesiology tapes that appeared in the Summer Olympics, but its unique patent-pending “Power Plow” pattern, tighter weave and stickier adhesive make it more appropriate for high impact and endurance sports.”

ROCKSTARS who wore ROCKTAPE and appeared on the podium at the US Jr. National Cycling Championships include:

John Tomlinson, 17, xXx Racing, National Champion Scratch Race
Ian Moir, Rock Racing, 17, Rock Racing, National Champion Pursuit, 2nd place Scratch Race, 2nd place Madison
Andrew Lanier, Specialized Racing, 16, National Champion Points Race and 2nd place Team Sprint
Daniel Farinha, San Jose Bike Club, 17, 3rd place Team Sprint, 5th place Kilo and Pursuit and 4th place Madison
Eddy Zhang, San Jose Bike Club, 18, 3rd place Team Sprint and 5th place Match Sprint
Nikka van den Dries, PROMAN, 14, 3rd place Points Race, 4th place Omnium