drop foot

Don’t Trip – Running With Drop Foot

DON’T TRIP – RUNNING WITH DROP FOOT Foot drop is a reduction in ankle dorsiflexion during the swing phase of gait, preventing flexing up the foot at the ankle. Runners experiencing “drop foot” typically alter their gait to compensate for the lack of mobility, which...

The Role of the Coach

The Role of the Coach Though I have spent over half my life training, with the last ten years being in high-performance both as a coach and athlete, I will stand by that everyone needs a coach. The most common question I have when it comes to coaching is, why have a...
postural taping

Postural Taping for Runners

POSTURAL TAPING FOR RUNNERS As any athletic trainer marathon training would, Mitch Hauschildt has a foolproof game plan for optimizing runners’ performance during pre-marathon runs. Discover why proper posture can improve a runner’s breathing, stride, speed and...

Increasing Sensation for MS Patients With IASTM

INCREASING SENSATION FOR MS PATIENTS WITH IASTM Neuropathy is one of the most frequent symptoms that dramatically reduces the quality of life for patients with Multiple sclerosis (MS). Massage therapy and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) can be...