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We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of practitioners across the globe. We hope you join the thousands of others who’ve chosen RockTape.

How do I get professional pricing?

Simple.  Click right here to get started or call us at (416) 477-0768.  Once your account is setup, you’ll be able to purchase immediately with a Health & Fitness discount (education courses already discounted). Or if you prefer, you can purchase RockTape products directly from our trusted distributors listed on this page.

What’s an FMT Certified RockTape Professional?

If you want to up your game and credentials, simply enroll in one of our Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) clinics. We hold these clinics frequently and throughout the world. (Education courses are already at medical pricing on the site!).

After successfully completing one of our clinics, you will be featured in our popular RockTape Doc locator as a Certified FMT RockTape Medical Professional and you’ll receive an additional 10% off your medical pricing.

Who can become a RockTape Health & Fitness Professional?

RockTape’s professional pricing program is open to nearly all Health and Fitness professionals who help humans and animals move better, and with less discomfort*.

DC – Doctor of Chiropractic
PT, DPT – Physical Therapist
PTA – Physical Therapy Assistant
OT – Occupational Therapist

ATC – Athletic Trainer / KIN – Kinesiologist/ CEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
DVM – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
CVT, LVT, RVT – Certified, licensed or registered Veterinary Technician
OTA – Occupational Therapy Assistant

DO – Osteopathic Doctor                               
LAC – Licensed Acupuncturist
MD – Medical Doctor
LMT – Massage Therapist

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***Please note that education courses are already discounted on the site

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Recently I had two patients on service with fractured ribs… a lot of discomfort* (8/10), decreased range of motion, difficulty breathing. Shortly after taping – with tears in their eyes, they wanted to know what kind of medication was in the tape. I explained what taping does… they are telling everyone about their tape and refer to it as “miracle tape.”

Thank you very much for a wonderful product!

Kathie Hess

Occupational Therapist

The FMT Blades and Blades Advanced courses were amoung the best IASTM courses I have taken. The course was taught based on principles that can be used anywhere on the body to either up regulate or down regulate the local tissues and nervous system.. The general technique applications are very easy to apply with the tools provided with the courses. RichaRd zarubaWould highly recommend the course for all clinicians wanting to develop skills and clinical reasoning with IASTM.

Richard Zaruba

Physical Therapist

I’m really excited about attending the July session in GA for FMT Performance. I first heard about Rocktape during my second year in Massage Therapy and my class attended the FMT Basic class. We all loved it! For the type of massage that I want to do more of, Rocktape fits perfectly into that. Only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because at checkout it wouldn’t take the 10% discount for some reason. Even after i tried several times.

Margarita Colon

Massage Therapist

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