Vibrating IASTM Tools

Introducing the next generation of IASTM. High-quality, affordable, and revolutionary vibrating tools for manual therapists and movement professionals. Welcome the RockWave Protm vibrating massage kit, and RockPods Vibetm vibrating cupping set.

RockWave Pro

The first in-clinic power tool designed for human bodywork.

The RockWave Pro is an innovative targeted massage device that administers a safe, non-noxious stimulus to the body via the skin and surrounding tissues. Based on the speed, depth, and duration, the RockWave Pro can improve range of motion, enhance warmups and speed up recovery. The RockWave Pro comes with a variety soft and rigid treatment heads that allow for a more comfortable and/or targeted treatment experience. Its design features an ergonomic grip and weighted core to amp up the treatment experience for all—heavy enough to provide effective pressure and light enough to use for hours. Simple, powerful, versatile solution to physically taxing bodywork. 

The RockWave Pro cordless vibrating massager comes with a two soft and three rigid treatment heads, allowing for a more comfortable and targeted treatment experience. Use four customizable speeds to improve range of motion, enhance warmups and speed up recovery.

RockPods Vibe

Power up traditional cupping therapy by layering in vibration! These revolutionary vibrating pods make a great complementary treatment for traditional cupping therapy. The RockPods VibeTM system is comprised of four silicone pods – each with their own cordless rechargeable motors and customizable speeds. These cups can be used for myofascial decompression, as tactile stimuli to engage posture, for movement preparation, for mechanical stimulation and for pain mitigation. The cups and techniques have changed over time, but the basic premise of the cups providing suction to decompress the underlying tissue remains the same. Expand on the benefits of cupping by layering in vibration therapy!

FMT Vibration Specialist


Before layering in vibration technology or methodology to your practice, take a comprehensive deep dive into the science and uncover the evidence in the latest addition to the Functional Movement Training (FMT) course, FMT Vibration Specialist.

Learn how and when to incorporate vibration into manual therapy, and create simple and effective neuro musculoskeletal (NMSK) treatment and self care. All supplies needed for the course (vibration massager kit, vibration cup set, and a roll of kinesiology tape) and lab experiences are provided.